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HVAC Inspections

True Comfort of the Carolinas Performs Expert HVAC Inspections in the Midlands

Buying or selling a home means you're facing lots of important decisions. Getting an HVAC inspection is one decision that can put your mind at ease. As a buyer, you want to know you're not buying a home that comes with an unpleasant surprise: an HVAC system that's held together with spit and duct tape. As a seller, you know you'll have a market advantage by offering prospective buyers that same assurance.

HVAC inspection of the thermostat

The best way to ensure your system is working properly is to schedule an official inspection. Our team of HVAC professionals will inspect and repair your systems if needed. Our experience of more than a decade ensures that we are capable of handling any and every one of our customer's unique HVAC needs.

Feel Like Enough Is Enough?

Ever looked at a utility bill and decided that enough is enough? Ever thought of seeking professional help to lower your utility bills? True Comfort understands your needs and will help you figure out what you need to do to lower your utility bill.

A True Comfort professional will visit your location and run a test to inspect the HVAC system thoroughly. Using the latest technology, our professionals will run a diagnostic test on your entire HVAC system to understand any problems. Afterwards, you will get a full and clear picture of how your HVAC system is currently working, how you can make it more efficient, and how you can reduce energy costs.

The True Comfort of the Carolinas Inspection Report

After a True Comfort technician has completed your HVAC scan, they will provide you a full report detailing your system's current condition as well as its efficiency. We’ll also inspect your system's environment and will suggest appropriate ways to improve your indoor air quality if needed. We will work with you so you can make your HVAC system energy efficient and thus make decisions about how to lower your bills and conserve energy at the same time.

A True Comfort HVAC inspection is best if you want to help any real estate transaction go smoothly, lower your bills, and protect the precious environment. Please call 803-438-7676 now to arrange for a convenient HVAC inspection.

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Thankful for having honest folks like Jason that you can depend on when your HVAC needs service. And if it needs replacing, he will do you right!

- Jeff H.

Jason Segear