Is Your Tired A/C Unit Draining Your Energy Bill?



Air Conditioning Installation

Get The Most Out of Your New Air Conditioner When True Comfort Provides the Installatioin

When it comes to air conditioning system installation, you just can’t trust anyone with your valuable new equipment. The process itself is as important as choosing the right system and if installed wrong can cost you hundreds of dollars. That’s why you shouldn’t trust your brand new unit to just anyone. Contact the professionals at True Comfort for a worry-free installation.

There are plenty of heating and air conditioning installation services popping up in the Midlands, and it can be very confusing trying to choose the best. True Comfort makes your quest easy by backing up our services with more than a decade worth of experience and the finest trained staff to take care of your equipment like they would their own.

Nothing Says Success and Expertise Like More Than a Decade of HVAC Experience

We know how terrifying it is to have your brand new unit crash just a few days after installation. We encourage you to give True Comfort a chance to ease your fears. With True Comfort, the only calls you’ll be placing immediately after installation will be ones saying how wonderful it is to have your brand new system working so smoothly.

The True Comfort team works hard to treat you and your system with the care you deserve. Thoroughly checking your air conditioning system after installation, we make sure your unit is not only working fine but also that you understand each and every aspect of your air conditioner so you can get the longest, most efficient performance from it for years to come.

When Do You Need to Upgrade Your Air Conditioner?

If your air conditioning system is 12 years old or if it isn’t running properly even after many repairs and tune-ups, it’s probably better to give up on the old unit and opt for something new. As with the advancement of technology, today’s air conditioners are far more efficient and powerful than the systems of the past. By opting for newer technology, you can save on energy and lower your costs as well.

Our wide array of air conditioning units meet the Seasonal Energy Efficient Ratio set by the federal government for measuring the efficiency of air conditioners. Many of our units even qualify for tax credits.

Want to know more about the right air conditioner and how to choose the best option for you? Contact True Comfort of the Carolinas today to learn more about our air conditioning installation services. Call 803-438-7676 now for expert air conditioning installation services.

Thinking about repairing your air conditioner?

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