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Air Conditioning Repair

Professional Air Conditioning Repair Services in Richland, Kershaw, and Lexington Counties

We know what an important job air conditioning repair is. A neglected air conditioner not only doesn’t do its job properly, but also racks up a big electricity bill, which just adds to the heat you feel. At True Comfort, we help maintain your air conditioner to keep it running efficiently for a long time while keeping your bill under check.

Air Conditioning Repair

Why not try True Comfort this summer season? Let us take care of your air conditioner so even in the heat you can be cool as a cucumber.

Lowering Your Bills and the Temperature

How often have you been frustrated that your air conditioner is running at the fullest setting and racking up huge bills without doing half the job it should? Here at True Comfort, we see this as a sign that your AC needs repairs and possibly needs to be replaced. Save your money rather than jumping right into a new purchase. Let us diagnose your problem and if possible, solve it for you.

Our 24-Hour Air Conditioner Repair Service

Sometimes it seems like air conditioners pick the worst times to break down, like in the middle of the night on what seems like the hottest day on the planet. We’ve all been there. Your kids are upset. Everyone is awake because of the heat, and you’re all dreading starting a new day with more sweating and crankiness.

But don’t despair. At True Comfort, we realize how frustrating this ordeal can be. This is why we offer 24-hour service in case of emergency repairs. No matter what went wrong with your system, whether it’s your home or business unit, True Comfort is just a call away.

We Cater to Your Air Conditioning Repair Needs

Here at True Comfort we can help, no matter what brand, make, or model unit you may have. Our professionals are trained to cater to any and all air conditioner repairs, regardless of make or model.

Additionally, we take our jobs seriously so we don’t just do the work halfway. After the repair job is done, we run a complete diagnostic check and review the results so you know that your unit is running at full efficiency and without a hitch.

Eager to know more? Contact True Comfort of the Carolinas today to learn more about our air conditioning services and how we provide our customers with the best services possible so they remain cool in the hottest of seasons. Call 803-438-7676 now for expert air conditioning services.

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