Furnace Repair

True Comfort of the Carolinas Furnace Repair Warms Your Home Without Burning Up Your Pocketbook

As is the case with air conditioners, furnaces also pick the worst times to break down, presumably in the middle of the night on the coldest day of the year. When such a mishap occurs, your only priority is getting the house warm as quickly as possible.

Furnace Repairs

Furnace Repair Issues

Whenever your furnace breaks down, it’s nothing short of a disaster. First there’s the obvious discomfort, but then there’s also the threat of the cost of impending repairs. Here are some things that can possibly impact your cost of repairs:

  1. Cause of Problems – Usually furnaces are the machines you worry about the least because they hardly ever break down. However, sometimes even the best of systems run out of luck and break. This is usually due to neglect and a lack of cleaning. Sometimes the electrical and mechanical parts of the furnace also malfunction and cause it to break down.

    Here are some common causes of problems:
    • Rust: Sometimes the problem is as simple as a lack of cleaning. If so, the furnace just needs a thorough cleaning, and the repairs will be minor.
    • Electrical: An electrical problem doesn’t have to be related to the furnace. Check your circuits and breakers for any issues. In the case of electrical issues, the repairs are often minor.
    • Parts: This is usually the costliest to fix. If your furnace’s parts are broken or damaged, the costs will be significantly higher.
  2. Cleaning Your Furnace – Rust and other debris build up over time and can seriously reduce the efficiency of your furnace. Keeping your furnace clean is essential for its optimal performance. There are multiple parts of your furnace which you should clean meticulously in order to ensure perfect performance:
    • Filter
    • Igniter and flame sensor
    • Burners and gas ports
    • Blower wheel and motor
  3. Inspecting For Safe Operation – Making sure that your furnace is operating safely is an important process. We want to ensure that all electrical features are functioning properly.

Be sure to get your furnace cleaned by a professional. Then set a schedule for regular cleaning in order to avoid high repair costs.

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Jason is incredibly professional and is our go-to HVAC repair and general maintenance professional. He has helped us at our rental property and personal home. He is conscientious of our budget and has suggested items that are great quality but won’t break the bank. Highly recommend him and True Comfort for any of your HVAC needs.

- Shannon M.