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Heat Pump Installation

Let True Comfort Handle Your Heat Pump Installation

If you’re opting for a heat pump, remember that purchasing and installing a heat pump replaces not only your furnace but also your air conditioning system. That being said, a heat pump is very energy efficient and will save you a lot of money in energy expenses – if it is installed correctly.

Heat Pump Installation Factors to Consider

  1. Size of Your Home: The primary factor determining the cost of your heat pump is the size of your home. The bigger your home, the bigger the system you may need. Don’t try to minimize costs by installing a smaller system as it will prove to be inefficient and will rack up higher operating costs.
  2. Kinds of Heat Pumps: There are really only two main kinds of heat pumps.
    • Water-Source Heat Pumps
    • Air-Source Heat Pumps
    The water-source heat pump uses water to absorb the heat transfer, and the air-source heat pump uses the outside air.

    A water-source heat pump is more costly than an air-source heat pump. If you were to compare the total costs over time, a water-source heat pump is often a better choice. It pays for itself in half the time as compared to the air-source pump.

    However, the air-source pump costs less initially and is more common in the Midlands area. There are other factors that may make an air-source pump a better choice for your needs.
  3. Installation Expense: The cost for installation for the water-source system is greater than that of the air-source system, primarily because the water-source system may require additional plumbing. Air source heat pump installation is closer to the installation cost of traditional heating and cooling equipment. Always have a professional HVAC company handle your heat pump installation to make sure you get the most out of your heat pump.

If you need to schedule a heat pump installation, contact us today. Call 803-438-7676 now to learn about our top-quality heat pump products.

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