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Heat Pump Repair

Professional Heat Pump Repair Services from True Comfort

Heat pumps are great if you want to reduce fuel consumption while managing the temperature in your home or office. Usually, we expect our heat pump to regulate the temperature.

Heat Pump Repair

But what should you do when your heat pump isn’t doing the job or isn’t doing it as well as you want it to?

Heat Pump Maintenance

While it is true that heat pumps can be costly to buy, they are also very energy efficient. Heat pumps are a nice, economical way to reduce fuel costs while providing the most comfortable indoor air temperature possible. However, to make sure that your heat pump is doing its job, it needs regular maintenance and repairs.

With regular preventative maintenance, a True Comfort professional will:

  • Replace the indoor filter
  • Check electrical components to ensure reliability
  • Tighten electrical connections
  • Clean both indoor and outdoor coils
  • Oil motors and tighten belt if the equipment requires this maintenance
  • Check refrigerant pressures
  • Clear drain lines

Professional Heat Pump Repair

With more than a decade of experience in the field, True Comfort is the perfect choice if you want to get your heat pump serviced or repaired. Our professionals are very experienced and knowledgeable about heat pump repair and maintenance. We know how delicate the machinery is and know how to diagnose and repair your heat pump promptly.

Even in case of a replacement, our professionals can help walk you through the process of choosing the best heat pump suited to meet your needs and budget.

Still want more details about heat pump repair services? Contact True Comfort of the Carolinas today to find out about our heat pump repair services. Call 803-438-7676 now to learn about our professional HVAC service programs.

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True Comfort of the Carolinas is an excellent choice for your HVAC needs. They came to my house after another company came out and did nothing. They came to my house quickly and had the problem diagnosed and repaired within an hour. Not only was the bill extremely reasonable, I had the confidence that the problem was finally resolved. I will definitely use them for my future HVAC needs. Should you have a HVAC problem that you would like repaired quickly, correctly, and reasonably, please call True Comfort.

- Tina B.