Humidifiers & Dehumdifiers

Humidifiers, Dehumidifiers – From Too Dry or Too Damp to Just Right

When discussing indoor humidity, there are two factors to keep in mind. One is the comfort level of your home and the other is the damage which high or low levels of humidity can cause, such as mildew or dry skin and itchy eyes.


A good level of humidity isn’t too high or too low. A good humidity level can help you breathe in better air and even help you save money on energy bills.

The type of humidity correction you may need depends on where you live, your personal preferences, and the type of equipment your home or office runs. True Comfort’s indoor air quality experts will visit your location and help you determine the best level of humidity for your needs.

The Right Humidifier for Your Home

Living with unbalanced humidity levels can actually damage your health. Your nasal passages, skin, and eyes can easily become dry and uncomfortable if your indoor air is too dry, which is common during the winter months.

If you have an asthma or allergy patient in your home, you know how critical it is for them to breathe in the right sort of air. For these individuals, dry air can severely damage their health at worst and be extremely uncomfortable at best.

Additionally, dry air can’t hold as much heat as moist air does – so you may be running your heat more frequently than you need to. You can use moist air to help temperatures feel warmer, saving you on your utility bill each month.

A Dehumidifier Can Make Your Home Safer and More Comfortable

Sometimes overly-moist air is even more harmful than dry air, because it causes mold and mildew to grow. This is also a serious health hazard. The Midlands’ summers are rainy and humid which is the perfect setting for mold and mildew to fester.

True Comfort offers a range of both whole-home humidifiers and dehumidifiers to help correct humidity levels in your home or business.

True Comfort Provides Humidifier and Dehumidifier Maintenance

After installation, you’ll need regular preventative maintenance to keep your humidity controls running efficiently and safely. True Comfort offers annual maintenance services which include the following:

  • Determine if your dehumidifier is running on the best settings for your current needs.
  • Clean and replace damaged filters.
  • Check the unit’s voltage and change its settings if necessary.
  • Balance and clear the fan.
  • Inspect the amperage.
  • Check for correct airflow.
  • Inspect the emergency pan switch and adjust if required.
  • Take a look at the condition of all the ductwork.
  • Look over the compressor and inspect it for oil leaks.
  • Clear the drain pan, add algaecide, and ensure correct drainage.
  • Inspect the condensate drain and trap.
  • Take a look at the unit’s wiring.
  • Check all electrical connections and tighten as required.
  • Look over the contacts for correct operation.

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